Guess Who Scarlett Johansson Replaced In Her!

rexusa_1692613bc_dropPhoto: Erik Pendzich/REX USA.
After taking in a screening of one of our favorite movies of the year, we really couldn't imagine Her without ScarJo. But, as it turns out, director Spike Jonze originally wanted Samantha Morton instead of Scarlett Johansson to provide the voice of the sultry, sensitive, possibly sentient computer program named Samantha, Joaquin Phoenix's disembodied love interest. In fact, Morton was on set with Phoenix, going over dialog with him and adding depth to his performance. However, says Jonze, "[post production] is when we decided that what we did wasn’t working, and we ended up recasting." Tough for Morton, but, ultimately good for the film.
Matter of fact, in the same Daily Beast article in which we learned this little tidbit, we also discovered that it was Anne Hathaway and not Katherine Heigl who was supposed to get knocked up in Knocked Up. Also, Madonna replaced Sean Young in Dick Tracy and Sylvester Stallone originally held Eddie Murphy's role in Beverly Hills Cop. Food for thought right?
Now, maybe some of you true-blue movie fans out there knew all this, but none of you told us. Actually, we're kind of disappointed in you. Whatever, click through for a fascinating slideshow revealing which actors were fired from what movies and, by all means, tell us any Hollywood tidbits you might have in the comments below. (Daily Beast)

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