Beyoncé & Bobby: An R29 Editor’s Night With The Queen

photo-1-copyPhoto: Courtesy of Bobby Schuessler.
I got the ultimate gift this year. No, not a car. That new Prada satchel? Nope. Something so much better. That’s right — I spent last night with The Queen. You know the one. Yes, I shimmied my little beehive over to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to catch Beyoncé on the last leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. (Okay, excuse me for a minute while I pause — I’m still sorta speechless.)
Okay, I’m back. And, yes, it’s okay to be a tad jealous of me right now, because yes, I witnessed Bey in the flesh a mere week after releasing her secret visual album. Cue: freak-out.
bey2Photo: via @beyonce.
But, there’s one problem I need to clear up with Mrs. Carter before I continue my praise (I still worship her, though). In the 100-minute set, she acted as if her new, self-titled album never happened. Basically, her latest single, “XO,” was the only new track she performed. Kind of peculiar, no? This from the woman who is literally “running the world” after smashing iTunes Store sales.
But, as much as I was disappointed that I didn’t get to hear those 14 new songs in person, I’m going to let it slide just this one time, because, well, Bey shut it down with the rest of the show. We’re talking her greatest hits (“Survivor” and “Single Ladies”), nine costume changes, crazy pyrotechnics, a flying act, glitter from the ceiling — oh, and she stopped an entire song to sing “Happy Birthday To You” to a girl in the front row holding a sign. Um, who does that?
bey1Photo: via @beyonce.
And, while seeing Beyoncé live certainly was one of my life's biggest highlights, what made it even more special were the fans, The Beehive: the Bey-obsessed fan girls and boys that know every word to every song — and the dances that go with 'em. (So thrilled all 30,000 of us were able to join together under one roof, by the way.) Well, let me just say, my fellow B-devotees certainly know how to party. And, I shook my booty with them all night long. What was even better? Their getups. Those kids showed up to werk. I’m talking everything from crazy, printed pants to the sparkliest ever crop tops. Yes, B sure knows how to bring the crowd.
Finally, just another shout-out to my girl for giving me the most magical night, ever. Thanks and XO, Beyoncé.

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