Avatar To Get THREE Sequels

avatar16-1Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
No one ever really questioned whether the highest grossing film in history (a.k.a Avatar) would be getting a sequel. The real question was: How many sequels?
Turns out, there will be three follow-up films to the 2009 hit, with the first expected to be released in December 2016. Director James Cameron and 20th Century Fox have worked out a $412 million deal with the government of New Zealand, which will be the location for all the live-action filming and visual effects. And, to top that, 90 percent of the live-action crew are expected to be New Zealanders.
With the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy under its belt, and another triumphant franchise on the way (The Hobbit), New Zealand seems like the perfect place for Cameron to continue his unparalleled movie magic. Now, you tell us: Is three follow-ups overkill, or just right? (The Daily Beast)

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