5 Secrets To A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep_resize_AmmielMendozaIllustrated By Ammiel Mendoza.
Forget all those so-called weight loss "secrets." If there's one thing we would kill for, it's getting a good night's sleep. No matter how good our intentions (see: getting to bed by a reasonable hour like a responsible adult), that refreshed, ready-for-anything morning feeling eludes us far too often. So, what are we missing?
It turns out, there's not just one secret to better sleep. And, The Huffington Post has come up with no less than five tips to help you maximize your slumber. Some are no-brainers, like nixing caffeine intake after 2 p.m. Apparently, caffeine can stay in your system up to six hours after consumption, preventing your system from shutting down in the evening (although, the thought of getting through the afternoon without our requisite 3 p.m. jolt is just a little bit horrifying).
Using electronics before bed is also discouraged, as the blue light from your computer or cell phone mimics daylight, blocking the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Also important is adhering to a strictly regular sleep schedule throughout the week, which helps your biological clock sync up with your daily bedtime and thus maximizes the time you spend asleep. Our favorite? Apparently, overheating is really bad for your sleep. Experts recommend a room temperature of 65F degrees for optimal slumber. Who knew? (Huffington Post)

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