Maisie Williams Pierces Nose, Owns Vine

maisie-williamsREX USA/Steve Meddle/Rex
She may not be Queen of The Seven Kingdoms (yet), but over the course of her three seasons playing the precocious Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams has definitely proven that she's the queen of Vine. The 16 year old's most recent post may be her most audacious yet. The camera starts at a distance, and as she quickly brings it over towards her face for the close-up, Williams says, "Aaaaaaand I got my nose pierced," revealing the stud lodged in, you guessed it, her nose! What did her mother have to say about it? Nothing! Because she was murdered! At the Red Wedding! Because Maisie and Arya are the same person! And Game of Thrones is real! Right? RIGHT!? (Vine)

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