Catching Fire Got Its Own Barbie Collection, We're A Bit Meh About It

It used to be that getting your likeness immortalized in the form of a Barbie was like getting your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nowadays, plastic reincarnations are being doled out helter-skelter.
Take, for example, the Twilight Barbie collection and the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire collection. They look eerily similar. This should, by no means, come as a surprise: Barbie's entire aesthetic — the fine-boned nose, the cupid lip, the cheekbones — is iconic, and deviating too far away could have negative reactions from the customer base. However, a little creativity (and less favoritism) goes a long way when faced with reimagining a franchise in doll form. Do collectors want a Barbie dressed as Katniss, or a Katniss Barbie?
We aren't claiming to be versed in focus group analytics, but seeing the four new Catching Fire dolls Mattel has put out has us scratching our heads and wishing the designers had consulted Cinna before the big unveil.

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