Kate Winslet Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby Rocknroll!

kateembedPhoto: REX/Rex USA.
Yes, Kate Winslet, the accomplished, Academy-Award-winning actress who is still Rose in your teenaged memories, has given birth to her third child, a son, at a National Health hospital in England. This is the 38-year-old actress' first child with her new husband, Mr. Ned Rocknroll.
By all reports, all went well, even if the baby, now only hours old, probably has "Rocknroll" on his birth certificate. Can't win 'em all, kid. At least you have two beautiful, successful parents, right? Moreover, there's a decent chance you can hang out with uncle Jack Leo once in a while. Not a bad deal, all in all.
Now, there's only two things missing from this wonderful tale: a pic and a name. So, as we in the press settle into a period of scanning photo sites for images of the no-doubt adorable babe, we'll let our minds wander toward supposition about the child's name. ILove Rocknroll? HeavyMetal Rocknroll? Dan Rocknroll? Whatever it is, it will surely beat North West. (Daily Mail)

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