Lorde And Her Boyfriend Incite Online Racial Abuse

lordeImage: via @lordemusic.
There's nothing worse than encountering Internet trolls, especially when their online chatter turns nasty and even racist. Therefore, we're issuing a big "not cool" stamp on the teens who are allegedly obsessed with trashing Lorde and her rumored boyfriend, James Lowe, online.
Here's the deal. Fans of One Direction and Justin Bieber claim the Kiwi crooner blasted their heartthrobs as "ugly," which, of course, is also not cool, if she indeed said such a thing. The only critique we've seen from the singer is about Bieber's music and what Lorde perceives to be anti-feminist lyrics promoted by the likes of Selena Gomez. Not liking traditional pop isn't the same as calling someone ugly. It's subjective, not childish.
But, because revenge is apparently a dish best served hot and teeming with insults, fans have taken to dissing Lorde and Lowe, a perfectly attractive guy who happens to be Asian.
So far, the couple have been the subjects of online abuse, much of which is overwhelmingly fixated on Lowe's "ugly" looks and Asian background. Photos of them embracing on the beach have been plagued with nasty comments, with people slamming their looks and comparing Lowe to "Psy gone wrong" or "the captain of a chess club" (or worse).
We have to ask: Why does anyone care what Lorde's boyfriend looks like? What does his being Asian have to do with anything? Can a girl express her opinion — again, we're pointing out that there's no clear evidence that Lorde did make the "ugly" quip — without being treated like a witch who needs to be burned at the stake? If you're really that pissed about a rumored diss, how does making racial slurs and misspelled taunts make you the bigger person?
It's a shame, as Lorde seems like a strong, refreshingly normal, and intelligent teenager. We'll take that over a mean girl hiding behind a laptop any day. (Jezebel)

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