Apparently, We've Been Curling Our Lashes Wrong All Along

Eyelash curlers: necessary beauty tool or terrifying torture device? Well, as makeup artist Spencer Barnes told the folks over at Beautylish, the answer actually depends on whether the tool is used correctly or not.
The makeup artist has a few tips and tricks up his sleeve to ensure that you get the perfect curl every time — and never end up with broken, lost, or pinched lashes. First of all, Barnes recommends keeping your tool clean, as any sticky mascara or eyelash glue residue can potentially pull out lashes. Secondly, the pro recommends conditioning your lashes before showering (check this out for a DIY lash-conditioner recipe). Along those lines, Barnes advises that women always remove makeup carefully and gently, as a too-strong scrubbing can damage lashes.
Finally, Barnes advises taking time and care to position lashes correctly into the device (sadly, we have to admit that we haven't always been as careful about this tip as we should be). All of your lashes should be evenly distributed along the pad, for a gentle and more effective curl.
For more tips (and what to do if — yipes — you do end up losing some of your fringe), check out the full story. (Beautylish)
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