This Might Be The Weirdest Delivery Service Yet

scnet_hpstill_1_003-1Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers.
Here’s something to perk up your Thursday morning. After Amazon announced its plans to introduce a flying robot drone that would deliver your order within 30 minutes of clicking “buy now,” Waterstones has got in on the action, too. Or, rather, the bookseller has trolled Amazon’s airborne plans with a rather entertaining flying contraption of its own: O.W.L.S. — yes, those night birds with rotating heads and a mean stare.
Sounds very Harry Potter, right? Well, O.W.L.S, which stands for Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service, proposes to be a service comprising of a fleet of trained owls, whose job it will be to deliver your Waterstones package within 30 minutes.
Defending this rather bizarre approach to delivering goods, a Waterstones spokesperson explained to BuzzFeed said, “Yes, this is exactly what they did in Harry Potter. You’re asking that as if this is a bad thing.” Nope, not us. Genius advertising spoof, sure, but we'd take Hedwig over a robot any day.
But, don’t expect to see a package-clutching owl glide into your driveway anytime soon, as Waterstones' aptly named press officer, Jon Owls, explains, “Putting owls into commercial use will take a number of years, as it takes ages to train owls to do anything.” Guess it'll be a long wait. (BuzzFeed)

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