This May Be The Best/Most Hellish Holiday Live-Tweeting, Ever

Listen, we've all had those Planes, Trains, and Automobiles moments, where you find yourself wondering if Grammy's yams are really worth being squashed next to some egg sandwich-eating guy with B.O. on the bus back home. Stuck in traffic. Outside a meat-processing plant.
But, good things come to those who can laugh off those hellish holiday moments. Take Elan Gale, for example. His live-tweets of a pissy airline passenger who seriously doesn't have time for flight delays on Thanksgiving will hopefully earn him a book deal — or, you know, tons of retweets.
We'd recap the story, but it's way more fun to read Gale's entire account of his "war" with the lady in 7A wearing mom jeans and a medical mask. Consider this an amuse-bouche before checking out the full transcript on Storify. Oh, and Elan? Happy holidays, man.

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