Press This Button To Find Out What’s In Your Food…Instantly!

Hold the line — they can do what?!
The science behind TellSpec — a handheld device that can tell you what's in your food without even touching it — is more or less sound. Spectral analysis of, say, a plate of rigatoni with ricotta, spinach, and lamb, could reveal whether it contains gluten, pesticides, and other things you might not want in your bod. In principle, waving the prototype device across, say, a slice of cookies n’ cream cake could also reveal your dessert's basic nutritional value, from sugars and fats to proteins. Heck, if they ever put this device on the market, it could even upload your findings to a digital cloud for future eaters to use. (You want this now, don't you?)
Well, a few intrepid entrepreneurs are trying to make technology catch up to its potential. The TellSpec, as they call it, isn't in production yet (that's a model you see in the video above). The idea behind it, though, promises a better future for those with allergies and sensitivities and a new pre-dinner ritual — entrée zapping. Intriguing. (Mashable)
Video: Via Mashable.

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