Justin Timberlake Does Taylor Swift Better Than Taylor Swift

Now, we're not awards-show scientists here, but there are at least three things we can count on witnessing when Taylor Swift attends one. She'll definitely take home an award or two, shade will be thrown at her exes, and she'll make that "oh my god, I can't believe I won" face when she wins. It happens, like, all the time.
Do you know what else happens a lot — or, rather, happened a lot at the American Music Awards last night? Justin Timberlake won a ton of shiny accolades. On his way to accept his second of three awards, Timberlake did the usual "I'm honored and humbled" face as he stood up from his seat. But, as he sauntered his way toward the stage, he passed Swift and made the most of the moment by parodying her shocked awards face. Had the country singer not reciprocated (uh, how/why would she not?), we could've had another 2009 VMA Kanye West moment on our hands. Fortunately, Swift's a good sport with a solid sense of humor.
And, now, we've been bestowed with the GIF to end all Taylor Swift GIFs, because Justin Timberlake is in it — duh. Check it out below, and revel in its greatness. Heck, save it to your phone for those special occasions when a giddy, dancing emoji paired with that exploding-confetti emoji just won't suffice. Your friends will be so impressed and, dare we say it, shocked — like, T. Swift shocked. (Vulture)
jtGIF: Courtesy of Vulture/ABC.
Opening Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

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