HTC Goes For The Gold — Again

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Phandroid
These days, it's not enough to own a tricked-out smartphone — you have to go for the gold. Thanks to Apple’s debut earlier this year, champagne-hued devices are becoming a popular iteration for flocks of phone companies to dabble in.
Take HTC, for example. According to Mashable, shortly after the company released its 18-carat gold HTC One (which clocked in at an eye-raising $2,750), it is releasing a slightly more affordable version, with an aluminum chassis rendered in a shiny-gold finish and a 4.7-inch megapixel screen. This version feels slightly tardy and mimics competitors like Apple’s iPhone 5S and Samsung’s soon-to-launch Galaxy 4. And, for $845, we can’t say the phone gets a gold star in our book. This may be a good thing, since the availability on the HTC One in most markets is still fuzzy. It rolls out in Finland on December 12 (if, you know, you happen to be in the area).

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