Relive Bat Kid's Antics With This Trailer — Cue, Hollywood!

Hearts around the world collectively melted when five-year-old Miles (better known by his crime-fighting alias, Bat Kid) took over the city of S.F. last week. His heroic antics were documented everywhere — and we had the tissues handy while we watched him save our hilly city from pesky villains. The only void? An attention-grabbing, dramatic trailer, of course. Done and done.
Enter, "Bat Kid Rises." According to SF Gate, the trailer is all fan-composed footage of the day’s festivities — a sweet little relic to remember how badass Make-A-Wish — and S.F. — can be. Complete with a chilling score, striking imagery, and naturally, and the star of the show, it'll leave you misty-eyed all over again. Seriously, give this a watch and relive last week’s aww-inducing moments.

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