The Hunger Games Workout Is Real

jpegPhoto: Courtesy of Lionsgate.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiers tonight (finally!), but are you ready? Sure, you've got your mockingjay pin and a box of tissues in your bag, but New York Sports Club is now offering the ultimate way to prep for the second installment of the trilogy: its "Train Like A Tribute Class."
Beginning Monday, November 25, the NY Sports Club on W. 62 and Broadway will offer a 45-minute class where you can train the way Katniss and co. would. NYSC debuted the class last year, but this year things got real. So, what exercises can one expect in the Tribute class? Katniss Killers (use that bow for resistance!), Peacekeeper Battle Ropes (crack a whip and work those biceps and shoulders), Finnick Trident Presses (with a real, weighted trident), and Peeta Pullups are among the many super-cool workouts. If those intimidate you, don't worry: All exercises can be modified for beginners.

The best part? The class is free and open to both members and non-members.
Just be careful not to go into an anti-Capitol tirade while you're getting into Katniss mode. (NY Post)

New York Sports Club, 61 W. 62 Street (at West End Avenue); 212-265-0995. Monday at 1:30 p.m., Friday at noon.

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