Saunder Spring/Summer '14 Takes Girl Power To The Max

New York City native Emily Saunders, designer of the women's line Saunder, has teamed up with filmmaker Ross Weinberg to introduce the line's upcoming collection inspired by female trailblazers. Sure, Beyoncé taught us all that girls run that world, but this new vid offers a fresh perspective.
Entitled Aren't Women Grand? the short film snaps shots of women draped in backless gowns, printed shirtdresses, and more. These women pour over maps of unchartered waters, dust off archaeological artifacts filled with history, and look to the future through their binoculars and telescopes. And with strong lyrics to match the striking images — "Aren't women wonderful? Aren't women grand? Aren't they rulers of this happy land?"— we can't help but chant in our heads, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

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