The Gravity Scene We Didn’t See Until Now

Can't get enough Gravity? You're in luck: Turns out, there's more to the story than what we saw on the big screen.
You remember the scene: Sandra Bullock's character Ryan Stone is losing hope and desperately trying to call for help, only to reach a man who doesn't speak a word of English and thinks her name is "mayday." Now, thanks to a short film by Gravity cowriter Jonás Cuarón, we get to see the other side of that very same conversation.
The voice on the other end of the call comes to life as Aningaaq, an Inuit fisherman in Greenland. He tells Stone about his dog, and she's comforted by the sound of him singing a lullaby to a baby. Originally meant to be an extra feature for the movie's Blu-ray version, the film has proven it can stand entirely on its own and may even nab an Oscar nomination in the live-action short category.
Be sure to watch the starkly beautiful video below, and let us know what you think. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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