Miranda & Orlando, Together Again? Be Still, Heart

orlandoPhoto: REX USA/Charles Sykes.
We've been burned too many times before to blindly trust a "source" who just happens to be spewing the gossip we've all been waiting for. So, we're taking the news that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are going on a (presumably sex-filled) vacation at a special resort to work on their relationship with not just a grain but several shakes of salt.
Grazia has a report that the pair, after recently announcing their split, have booked a stay at Harmony Hill. No, that's not a cancelled TV show in the line of On Golden Pond. It's a retreat center for struggling couples with cash to spare to work on their issues and, hopefully, come out of it happier than ever. According to co-owner Chris Rosenthal, who spoke with Grazia about the resort but did not confirm that Bloom and Kerr are booked for a stay, "Couples walk in with a huge amount of distance between them, but walk out hand in hand, ready to start afresh. I help them become more open to healing old wounds."
Look, we're not saying you should book a trip to the Catskills (though, if you want to hang, we may or may not be camping out). Just...let's all keep an eye on this situation. It's very much a rumor, for now, but if this lovely couple gets back together, we'd get plenty of vicarious joy.

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