Real Or Photoshopped? Either Way, This Pixel Makeup Is Very Cool

pixels-insidePhoto: Via Reddit.
Update: It's real, folks! Photographer Alexander Khokhlov captured this face among other made-up wonders.
Is this real? Is this just fantasy? Or, uh, is this a really good Photoshop job? Such were the questions running through our heads when we found this pixelated-makeup photo on Reddit. As impressive as this look is, our moms told us that we shouldn't believe everything we see on the Internet. So, let's examine three theories, shall we?
Theory 1: It's makeup.
Though it would take a long, long time to finesse this makeup look, the right artist could make it happen. We can see pores and texture variations throughout the skin, which makes this seem like maybe, just maybe, the magic of makeup has done it again!
Theory 2: It's Photoshop.
See that softness on the neck squares? Looks 'Shopped to us. And, the lines on the sides of the model's face seem a little too precise. The eyes have definitely been touched up — not even the power of Visine can create whites like that.
Theory 3: It's irrelevant.
That is, the argument doesn't matter. Because, you know what? This is a clever concept, no matter how it's done. And, while we have a sneaking suspicion that these "pixels" really are, uh, pixels, that means the look is just waiting to be perfected in real life — with actual makeup. We know it can be done.
So, readers, what's your take — real or fake? (Reddit)

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