Cara D. Reveals Bacon Is Responsible For Her Looks & We Believe Her (Kind Of)

rexusa_1801716adPhoto: D.DaSilva/REX USA.
When quizzing a high-flying model on how she achieves physical perfection, you’d expect a rehearsed answer of green juices, tiny meals, and a punishing yoga regimen, right? Wrong. Tearing up the rulebook once again, Cara Delevingne has revealed that her sell-a-thousand-Burberry-trench-coat looks are courtesy of bacon. Yep, the streaky, greasy stuff.
Speaking to British Vogue backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show earlier this month, when asked about the secret to her flawless looks, the bold-browed Brit simply responded, “bacon,” whilst snacking on the cured meat – a picture she later shared on Instagram, probably to amuse (and quiet) the naysayers.
Unsurprisingly, the Vogue beauty team were probably left baffled by Delevingne’s answer. Ever the eccentric, the model went on to say, “What do you mean, it's not a beauty product? Wait till my bacon range comes out... And eyebrow gel, obviously.” We certainly wouldn't put a wacky cosmetic wonder past Rihanna’s party-mad sidekick.
We’re all for waking up to a bacon-laden breakfast more than once a week, but, realistically, we’d like to challenge Delevingne to try and keep her trim frame, all the while surviving on a diet of, you guessed it, bacon. Streaky or smoked, we don’t mind. (Vogue)

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