Harry Potter Vs. Penn Station: Everyone Wins

We applauded Improv Everywhere's When Harry Met Sally re-enactment at Katz's Deli, but the comedy troop's latest has us straight up in love. As part of the group's "Movies In Real Life" program, a boy dressed up as Harry Potter — you know, early Harry, where he's gotta figure out the nuances of getting to Hogwarts in the first place — and tried to locate platform nine and three quarters at Penn Station. Yes, he has a caged owl with him. No, we're not over it.
What does Harry encounter at Penn Station? For starters, no one seems to know where his platform is, including the Amtrak and NJ Transit staff. Finally, he stumbles upon a particular gem of a woman who suggests running into the pillar between platforms nine and ten. But, as a traveler in New York, he encounters so many additional problems, like "Do I have to check my owl?" and "Do you accept wizard currency?" Essentially, he finds a bunch of useless muggles people with no information whatsoever. Can't a wizard get a break? (Gothamist)

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