How ’90s TV Guys Ruined Our Dating Life — Or, Did They?

Is it just me, or is trying to meet someone totally wack? Perhaps, it's because I refuse to participate in the onslaught of online dating/mobile apps/digital get-downs that have become so commonplace. Perhaps, it's that living in New York means dating comes with an entirely different set of rules. Or, maybe, it's just that I have a very high set of standards for the man I date.
Upon further inspection, there's a really weird reason I consistently find the men I meet lackluster. But, it's not my fault. You see, I grew up with a cast of entirely imperfect men on television, from whom I plucked a trait or two, and subsequently combined them into what I assume would one day make the perfect guy. My time spent watching Power Rangers now has me asking, "Where are all the smart men? The Blue Ranger was smart." My afternoons watching Doug have me looking around for both the nerdy-yet-endearing guy.
As it turns out, '90s TV guys have given me entirely unrealistic boyfriend expectations. So, in an effort analyze what exactly happened in that fateful decade, I've broken down the top 10 qualities I now look for in men, based on the most epic dudes of the '90s.

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