The Backstreet Boys Debut Their Own Shirtless Video

It's been a big day for semi-naked music videos. We're still reeling from Kimye's, cough, epic display of...affection. But now, thanks to the good ol' BSB, there are even more gleaming pecs to ogle on the Internet. You might be thinking to yourself, "Aren't these 'boys' getting a little old for shirtlessness?" And, of course, the answer is a definitive no. As long as you're feelin' it, you're never too old to show the world what you're made of. And, we do mean literally, because that also happens to be the title of the boy band's latest single.
The video for "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)" is decidedly melodramatic. The guys (yes, the whole gang is back for this) belt out the ballad with overwhelming emotion against a plain backdrop. There's no shortage of fake acting or throwback hand movements here, but we would expect nothing less from the BSB. We've got to give them props for maintaining their range (and high notes!) despite an extended hiatus. There are harmonies aplenty here. Watch below for a healthy dose of nostalgia.

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