Mara Wilson Talks Sex & Steals Our Hearts

Sex is a funny thing. Our ceaseless exposure has arguably made us numb to it. Teen pregnancies are a commodity, and education still wagers on the Mean Girls "you will have sex and die" fear tactic. Then, of course, condoms are thrown out like Coach Carr does, and we're told to go on our merry way. A thanks is in order for the Internet's ability to a.) be a platform for informative sex ed, and b.) be a platform for creative sex ed. Sure, it's the destination many of us imbibe our sexual desires on, but it's also a great way to learn about it, as well.
Enter Laci Green, a gleeful 20-something whose Sex+ YouTube channel demystifies the world of sexuality and presents it to viewers in a fun, humorous, but always informative, way. For a segment, she snagged Mara Wilson (a.k.a. Matilda), who candidly talks all things — from sexualizing child stars to her first time, and, the buzzword of 2013, feminism.
Wilson's streak of genuine awesomeness continues with her wry wit and perspective on what it means to learn and be sexual. It's an entirely human approach to the subject — one that Miss Honey would surely approve of. She builds off her 7 Reasons Why Child Stars Go Crazy essay, offering less advice and more personal anecdotes on her exposure. Experience, after all, is often more impactful than the facts (though, those are valuable, too). Her "It Happened to Me" moments are poignant and all-around necessary things to hear when you think of the insane amount of sex we're exposed to by the hour. Plus, she knows how to fill those awkward lulls in conversations: Bring up the puberty videos of adolescent yesteryear — that'll get 'em laughing. Mara Wilson, you are officially our new BFF.

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