Are You A Feminist? There’s A Quiz For That

feministImage: Via
Is there anything more fun than taking quizzes online? If we had a nickel for every question we answered to determine which Hogwarts house we'd be in, we would have about 500 nickels, just sayin'. But, you won't be adding much to your piggy bank with this "Am I a Fucking Feminist?" quiz. It's only one question.
Funny, yes, but it makes an excellent point. Despite various waves and many stigmas, there is really only one core tenet of feminism: equality. A fair, standardized baseline for judging men and women people that isn't totally tainted by pseudoscientific ideas about what is "natural" for either gender. The word feminism — whether you're denouncing it or getting it tattooed on your face — stirs up a lot of controversy, but the truth is, it shouldn't be controversial at all.

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