The Cutest-Of-Cute Pics Of J. Lawr & The Hunger Games Boys

gunger-games-2Photo: REX USA/Jonathan Hordle/Rex
By now, your Facebook feed has been inundated with Hunger Games: Catching Fire information. People are quoting Jennifer Lawrence left and right. Media outlets are hoping for some sort of Miley Cyrus/Jennifer Lawrence feud for some sort of internet traffic superstorm that'll make the skies quake. But, at the center of it all are three kids who are delightfully dorky, awkward, funny, and pretty darn normal.
While the narratives of youth that take up the cultural conversation these days — whether they are inspiring and precocious or a distorted example of young American life — can be rather perplexing, it is really refreshing to see Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth being unguarded, unscripted friends. And check out, on the next page, the way that J. Lawr totally handles the's clear she has some older brother influence.
hunger-gamesPhoto: REX USA/Jonathan Hordle/Rex
It's strange to think that Liam Hemsworth is only one step away from another one of the biggest celebrities of the moment, and here he is, totally letting his weird flag fly. He looks like he is having a blast, while Jen and Josh play paddycake? Maybe?
There is the possibility that Lions Gate is just feeding the press at large the story of these three and their off-set friendship, to enhance the popular "everygirl" perception of Jennifer Lawrence, and to, in general, sell the franchise. But something about those smiles suggests there is nothing contrived about this photo opportunity, with Hemsworth slapping his knees in a not-super-attractive manner, unbidden manner. (He's not not attractive, he just is making a face actors don't often make on the red carpet.) Which is great. We don't want our young stars to be perfectly poised all the time. They should be weird and awkward and fun. They should be a little more than, you know, tributes. (See that? See what we did there?)
If that's not enough, here is Jen with a tiny little sad fan:

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