Stone Fox Bride Got A Brand-New Website And Collection

In case you haven't noticed, we're totally drinking the Stone Fox Bride Kool-Aid over here. It's not that we've totally eschewed traditional weddings, of course, but there is something so refreshing about a laid-back bride. Needless to say, we were pumped when we got word of an SFB double whammy. The NYC-based company rolled out a brand-new website and a brand-new fall collection today.
First, the website. Stone Fox Bride debuted a totally dreamy redesign, complete with ethereal sketches, floral color palettes, and an overall clean look. In other words, it's the perfect backdrop for the latest crop of wedding dresses. Lucky for you, we're giving you a glance at the lookbook here, which is rife with flowy, bohemian pieces. Lace and silk abound, and there are even several backless numbers for the more daring brides out there. Click through to see it all — trust, you'll enjoy it even if you're not saying "I do" anytime soon.

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