Google Glass Is Bringing Music To Your Ears And Eyes

googleglassPhoto: Courtesy of Google.
First it came for your eyeballs, and now Google will take over your ears by bringing music to its global Google Glass "Explorers," a.k.a. those enthusiastic futurists who have been beta-testing the new technology for months. Rolling Stone reports that Google will introduce hands-free integration with Google Play All Access, giving users access to thousands of streaming songs and a Shazaam-like feature that identifies music around the user. The company is also abandoning bone conduction for lightweight stereo earbuds, which is available in four colors with interchangeable caps.
Jay Z producer Young Guru is one of these Explorers. He uploaded this video of himself walking around L.A. with his Google Glass, demonstrating the new music-identifying feature. He overhears a jam at a Mexican restaurant, tracks down the song at a record store, and takes it home to cook up a new song.

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