Miley Cyrus Wants The East Vs. West Coast Rap Feud To End Already

biggiePhoto: REX USA/Brian Rasic/Rex.
With the music world currently torn apart from the vicious East Coast versus West Coast rap violence that is sweeping the nation, Miley Cyrus finally took it upon herself to take a stance. Stop the violence, guys. Sure, we barely go one day without hearing about another Suge Knight-related drive-by or new diss track released by Bad Boy, but hey, it's the world in which we live. Or, at least, the world in which Miley Cyrus lives, because she wants us to remember, using Biggie and Tupac's visages, to finally put aside our beef.
A poignant message in, say, 1997, Cyrus took to the red carpet at the MTV European Music Awards this Sunday to remind us all to "stop the violence." Of course, the message is what's important here, and perhaps Cyrus isn't even talking about literal violence, but the violence that has been waged on her image/body/music by words and criticism in the last few months, which she is indicating via her very revealing outfit. (Is she daring us to expose her more? Symbolism.) Check out the reverse look.
miley-backPhoto: REX USA/Brian Rasic/Rex.
But, the 'Pac/Biggie reference seems odd. Perhaps there is an anniversary that we're unaware of? (A quick Google search confirms, no, there is not.) Is she repping two of America's finest since she is abroad? Possibly. Whatever the reason, the homemade-looking ode to Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac seems like something we'd see in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on a Saturday night — and that's pretty awesome. To be totally honest, those boots are killing it. Even though they are peep-toe, and a peep-toe knee-high boot is like a shirt with no elbows. Pointless. But, still.

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