Jennifer Lawrence: Please Style Your Pixie Like This, Thanks

In the very dramatic day that has followed the unveiling of Jennifer Lawrence's new 'do, we've witnessed some extremely polarized reactions. From love to rage to confusion, there's no shortage of feelings about everyone's imaginary best friend's new pixie cut. But, as for why she cut it off, J. Lawr is perhaps the most nonchalant of us all. As she said in an interview, it was a result of the "awkward, gross length" of her bob (we beg to differ, but anyway). She said, "I kept putting it back in a bun, and I was like, 'Well, I don't want to do this.' So I just cut it off. Not a very exciting story. It couldn't get any uglier."
Of course, her no-big-deal attitude about this drastic crop only makes her more endearing. And, while she doesn't seem very excited about it, we're approaching a state of giddiness. The main reason for our elation? This cut lends itself to infinite possibilities. That long, side-swept fringe is a gateway into a land of styling options so exciting that we couldn't help ourselves — we made a list of looks we'd like to see her try. From a cool-girl pomp to curls to braids, there's little this cut can't accomplish. And, perhaps these styles will convince you to go the way of the long-in-the-front, cropped-in-the-back pixie, too.

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