Jennifer Lawrence Got A Pixie Cut (Urgent Freak-Out Alert)

jlar1Image: Via Facebook.
Of all the celebrity heads out there, Jennifer Lawrence's is not the most important. Yes, her hair is gorgeous and flowing and golden, but unlike, say, a Jennifer Aniston, she doesn't have a particularly iconic haircut. Until now.
We're not entirely sure whether this is real or a wig (it's always possible), but it appears that J.Lawr may have chopped her hair to emulate that increasingly ubiquitous pixie cut. Following in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson (most recently), and perhaps most notably, Michelle Williams, Lawrence went the short-and-choppy route. She is already showing off her new chop on her Hunger Games press tour (and with some super shnazzy Google glasses). More proof is on the next page.
jlawr2Image: Via Facebook.
The above two photos were posted on her Facebook page today, all nonchalant, as if this weren't the end of the world, or something. However, we promptly halted all normal business and proceeded to organize a highly specialized ceremonial celebration which we had prepared specifically for an event like this.
We're not going to say we don't like it. Because we are diligent, devoted worshippers, we automatically love almost anything she does. But, we will note that it is maybe a tad Suze Orman-ish. Plus, this is a style that requires major maintenance. Lawrence has always struck us as a particularly low-touch gal when it comes to hair and makeup, so it'll be interesting to see how she keeps it up.
By the way, her new 'do got 630 shares. When you can say the same for your next trim, well, you've officially made it.
Continue to remember the locks she left behind...
Jim Smeal_BEImagesPhoto: Jim Smeal_BEImages
In blonder times, before the darkness of Katniss set in. She had face-framing bangs and a golden hue, which works with her natural tan. Remember when we were all this young?
MediaPunch Inc_REX USAPhoto: MediaPunch Inc_REX USA
Then she got a bit more vampy when she reprised her Hunger Games role and went with a monochrome deep brown. The nice thing about this color of near-black is that it still has texture, and isn't flat.
Matt Baron_BEImagesPhoto: Matt Baron_BEImages
Then, of course, J. Lawr got herself a lob, or the long bob. In response, we became very excited. One of the coolest things about the actress is that she seems very laissez-faire about her hair: It comes, it goes, she dyes it, it grows. The laid back approach to her appearance is delightfully refreshing.

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