Lady Gaga Will Sing In Space. No, That Isn’t A Metaphor.

gagaembedPhoto: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
She's clad herself in the rarest of beef, she's cradled quartz with her naked body, and she's hatched herself from a giant egg. And, soon, she'll sing in space. Outer space. Where no one can hear you scream.

According to
US Weekly
, Lady Gaga will board a Virgin Galactic ship in 2015 as part of the Zero G Colony music festival held at Virgin's Spaceport America in New Mexico. Once in space, she'll sing a single song. But, can she top astronaut Chris Hadfield's orbital rendition of Space Oddity? (Nope.)

We should point out that Gaga is actually a little late to the galactic game. Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, and Lance Bass bought tickets long ago for a ride on Virgin's spacecraft. The ineffable absurdity of shooting a bunch of celebrities into space is almost too delicious.
Of course, it's understood that exiting our atmosphere comes with considerable risk. A source told the magazine,"Gaga has taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy." Of course it's ridiculous. It probably specifies that, in the event of Gaga's demise, Terence Koh silently sacrifice 1,000 snow-white doves while Marina Abramović ululates and smears her breasts with margarine. Francesco Vezzoli will direct and Steven Klein will film the whole thing, with a streaming download available on iTunes for $9.99. (US Weekly)

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