Are Kristen Wiig And Fabrizio Moretti Back On, Or Just The Friendliest Exes, Ever?

When comedienne Kristen Wiig and rocker Fabrizio Moretti split up this summer after 18 months of dating, our faces crumpled and our chins quivered. Heck, even Moretti's ex, Drew Barrymore, said the celebrity couple made "perfect sense."
So, imagine our delight to see Wiig and Moretti resurface — together — courtside at Sunday night's Knicks game. We spied smiles and some friendly body language, but it's too early to tell if this outing is a sign that the couple is back on, experiencing an "it's complicated" phase, or actually carrying through on that token promise of "we'll always be friends." Where's a Kiss Cam when you need one?
We've got our fingers crossed that Wiigetti is back together, but if not, props to them for going the friendly and mature route post-split. [Us Weekly]

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