Which Kind Of Stress Eater Are You?

SQutNlKxfBQiVlkwphH9wHrk7_ufL0jJMJOQyec08r8Photographed by Alice Gao.
We're all aware that stress causes all kinds of unwanted effects. It can disrupt sleep, affect relationships, and, of course, influence eating habits in big ways. But, recent research has found that there are distinct kinds of stress eating, but that our bodies naturally even things out in the end.
The study reports there are many people who overeat during times of stress — often seeking comforting foods high in fat and calories — but that these people tend to not reward themselves with food after a positive experience. Conversely, some people become so stressed that they lose their appetite, however, they're more likely to go all out after a positive experience and indulge in some heavier eating.
It's just another example of how food is tied up with emotion in unexpected and complicated ways. So often eating is relied on as a means of dealing with life. It seems that whether we're using food to comfort ourselves through hard times or as a reward for a job well done, we're using it somehow.

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