Watch Shia LaBeouf’s Graphic NSFW Lars Von Trier Sex Scene

If you thought the other Nymphomaniac trailers were graphic, Lars Von Trier's fifth installment takes the cake.
Titled "Chapter 5: The Little Organ School" (pun, much?), the clip shows Shia LaBeouf and Stacy Martin getting it on. Except, it's not quite what you think. "We shot the actors pretending to have sex and then had the body doubles who really did have sex, and in post we will digital impose the two," producer Louise Vesth said in an interview with THR earlier this year. "So above the waist it will be the star, and the below the waist it will be the doubles."
Call it our nostalgia for the past, but we have to admit we're a little bit relieved. Seriously, does anyone else still sometimes see LaBeouf as Louis from Even Stevens?
Watch the NSFW trailer below, and don't forget to tell us what you think! (HuffPost)

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