Yass! An Ode To The Greatest Meme Of Late

Two months ago, an Instagram video cropped up from one super Monster, and well, just watch it:
Yass, princeneptune, yass! Bless you for your fabulous appropriation of drag culture. Bless thine Instagram and bless thee, Internet, for finding this and blowing it out of proportion. Has there ever been a saying as powerful, as sassy, and as annoyingly pleasing as this? No, no there has not.
Now, usually we'd dive into the origins of this humble reaction dating back to little town of Yass in Australia's South Wales. But, readers, we are alive today thriving and fanning ourselves in awe of the vernacular miracle that is "yass." Yass! It is both a noun and an adjective. One does not do yass, they are yass; one embodies it, lives, and thrives! Ladies, yass! Hands up and clap out the vibes, y'all! Since its innocent inception on that one unassuming August evening, "yass" has risen among the zeitgeist rank faster than a you-know-what starts sweatin' in church. Phew! We are feeling the power of the phrase praise today. It's a sensible single syllable that carries enough punch to make a statement, but enough sass to show you don't really give-uh-what.
Its uses are as versatile as your go-to LBD. (Speaking of which, have you seen the uses of those duds?) Its infuriatingly addictive obnoxiousness has made it an icon of modern Internet trolls and queens both male and female alike. Yell it out at a party, raise your hands at the club, or whisper it when Tom Hiddleston's aura glows on screen. Tack on a casual "oh my god, [insert name], you look amazing" with sprinkles of "yass" on both sides, and you don't have to make your opinion heard again. It's done — served rare so only the most refined of palates can laugh along with you — a yass tartare if you will.
It is the perfect compliment. Am I pretty? Yass. Shall we go on a date? Yass! Should we stop? Yass! Well, after this:

Video: via @princeneptune; Opening Photo: Courtesy of Interscope Records.

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