The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer Features False Teeth, Naked Marching Band

Has Martin Scorsese softened with age? We think maybe. Need some evidence? Take a look at the trailer for his upcoming film adaptation of Jordan Belfort's memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street.
Belfort was a penny stocks swindler, who operated a boiler room brokerage firm in the late '80s and '90s. In 1998, he was indicted for securities fraud and money laundering, for which he served a 22-month prison term. Scorsese' version of the story seems to be a more lighthearted look at the economic crisis than we've seen in recent financial thrillers like Margin Call, or even 2000's Boiler Room (which was also inspired by Belfort's story). Here, we see Jonah Hill in an improbable set of false teeth, taping stacks of cash to a woman's breasts. Not exactly the shine box scene from Goodfellas.
The film, however, centers on Scorsese's muse du jour, Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Belfort. The Departed star delivers some fourth-wall-breaking, House of Cardsian asides, which is classic Goodfellas, in between chatting up an emaciated Matthew McConaughey and seducing Margot Robbie with more money than God. Scorsese may be an old softy, but we still detect a hint of the iconic director's signature style.
The Wolf of Wall Street hits theaters on December 25. (

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