Miley Cyrus Knows What Everyone’s Saying (& She Doesn’t Care)

cosmpolitan-cover-largePhoto: Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.
Miley Cyrus is certainly having a crazy year. The 20-year-old singer and her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, split up. Her newest record, Bangerz, debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. She became a tongue-out, nearly nude twerking sensation. And, then there was that VMA performance. So, how's she taking it all? In the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Cyrus says she's enjoying the ride.
"Everything is so chaotic and crazy right now, and it’s so much all at once, but I’m living for it. I’m just having the best time ever and everything’s falling into place like it’s supposed to. Even people who want to hate on me, they can’t even shut down the fact that I’m literally what everyone is talking about."
And, she's okay with that, even if they're not saying the nicest things. “I don’t really care. I think everyone would have given anything to be me at that moment, because I was being one hundred percent true to myself…and not many people can say that.” Plus, she says, without her controversial VMA performance, the MTV awards show would have been, well, boring. "What if I hadn’t done that performance? The VMAs would have been bad. They would have been missing something.”
Plus, her buddy Kanye West liked it, so that's something. “Kanye West is one of those people, and even Katy Perry has been so cool…I mean, who cares what the media buzz is if Kanye West is telling you that you’re the shit?”
What's important, says Cyrus, is that she feels good about who she is. "At the end of the day, I would say I’m a nice person, and I take pride in the fact that I treat everyone really well, so there’s no reason for anyone to ever come at me, because I only want the best for everybody else…[I] don’t throw shade. I don’t ever throw shade at anyone.” That's a good lesson for all of us, wouldn't you say? (Gossip Cop)

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