What Size Are The Happiest Women? The Number Might Surprise

1Designed by Ammiel Mendoza.
Here is some seriously inspiring news to start the weekend right. A British clothing company recently commissioned a study to find the ideal dress size at which women are their happiest. The retailer polled 2,000 women asking them to rate their feeling about their appearance. The results? The happiest ladies wear a size 12,, with a whopping 75% feeling terrific with the way they look.
Somewhat surprisingly, that was twice as high as those who wear a size 6. As it turns out, half of the size 6 ladies wished they were curvier, believing that curves are not only sexier, but make clothes more flattering. We're happy about these results for several reasons — first, it means that being an unrealistic size 2 really is as unimportant as we thought. Second, it means that there are plenty of women who let their personal happiness come from within, and not pressures from the media.
Of course, this doesn't mean that we should all run right out and gain or lose weight to make ourselves into a size 12. Rather, we're taking it as a reminder to forget about society's idea of the perfect size. We're going to try and be happy with what we've got, thank you very much. (Jezebel)

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