Instagram Ads Are Here, This Is What They Look Like

mainPhoto: Courtesy Of Instagram.
After our favorite photo-sharing app revealed that it would be introducing sponsored posts to its feeds, feathers were definitely ruffled. But, despite the integration of paid snaps, the Bay Area-based company has promised to follow the "slow and steady" mantra, and hasn't bombarded Instagram users with adverts — yet.
In a statement on its official site, Instagram tempers the rage by ensuring that these advertisements images will be beautiful, sparse, and easily hidden from view. Well, in case you’ve been curious as to what these paid-for posts will look like, the company has just unveiled the first Insta ad, a photo of a guy, taking five with a cup of joe and his favorite tech gadget, the smartphone. The artsy-looking shot has the word "Sponsored" in the upper right corner, and if you tap the ellipses button, you’re able to pull up more options, including one that allows you to hide the ad. In our opinion, it all seems very unobtrusive, but who knows what the fate will be in the upcoming months? Take a gander at the pic and weigh in — what are your thoughts on the Insta ads? (Instagram)

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