Two Colors You Need To Avoid On A First Date

rexusa_1526684fPhoto: Rex USA.
If you're headed on a first date this weekend, take comfort in the knowledge that the evening's success will be down to neither your witty banter nor your date's sense of humor nor your mutual love of pickling. According to a new British survey, great dates are less about compatibility and more about communicating via the medium of color.
Men are most likely to form a long-term attachment with a woman who wears red on the first date. According to a new poll, scarlet is the easier way to bag a boyfriend, while if you're planning to turn up yellow and brown, you might has well cancel and order pizza. Women tend to find men the most appealing when they are wearing the color grey, but they apparently don't enjoy pink or yellow. So basically everyone needs to avoid yellow.
Far be it from us to dismiss the latest in pop psychology as nonsense, but we're pretty sure that if your date rejects you on the basis of your yellow shirt, it's probably a lucky escape on your part.
Still if you really like the guy, it can't hurt to give it a go. Our tip? Go head-to-toe scarlet and turn up with your face painted red for good measure. Your date will surely love that. (The Daily Mail)

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