Rad Or Bad: The Robot Manicure

metal-nailPhoto: Courtesy of Odile Tull.
Have you ever looked at a metallic nail polish and wished it was just a bit more...metallic? Don't get us wrong, we love gilded gold and silver sparkle lacquer as much as the next girl, but our ultimate mani would be one that had the luxe, gorgeous gleam of our favorite gold cuff. We've tried a menagerie of metallic polishes over the years and none were able to provide the super-shiny, reflective hues we craved. Until now, that is.
Jewelry designer Odile Tull has taken her metal craft into the land of nail accents with a collection of press-on nails made of 18K gold, sterling silver, and gold-plated brass. She even created gemstone nails studded with cubic zirconia or (baller!) diamonds. This is quite literally nail jewelry, and we think we're in love.
While we clearly dig the effect, we can't say we're equally as smitten with the prices: Each nail (singular, people) ranges from $55 to $70 for the base metals, $400 for the CZ, and the always-frightening "price upon request" for the diamonds. We want futuristic robot nails in the worst way, but $550 minimum for a full set is a wee bit out of our manicure budget. Accent nail, anyone?
Would you spend your cash on nail jewelry, or would you rather save it for the real thing?
Odile Tull Nails, $55 to $400, available at Odile Tull.

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