Far Out! Astronomers Found The Most Distant Galaxy, Ever

Chances are, you’ve probably scanned the sky on many a starry night and wondered what's beyond our planetary pocket. It’s hard to not envision galaxies upon galaxies extending massive distances unbeknownst to us, hovering above. Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, astronomers have recently discovered pivotal information that lead them to believe they’ve found farthest galaxy know to man — 13 billion years later (that’s how long the energy took to reach us)!
The journal Nature recently penned a paper stating that the far-off galaxy (known as z8_GND_5296, try remembering that one) enables us to see things like 700 million years post the Big Bang. And, it also boasts massive amounts of star formations and key chemicals that scientifically confirm its distance. Is your mind blown? Join the club!
openerPhoto: Via The LA Times

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