Kristen Schaal Takes Down Sexy Halloween Costumes On The Daily Show

Leave it to The Daily Show — and specifically, Senior Women's Issues Correspondent Kristen Schaal — to take down the sexy-costume industry in a totally amazing, hilarious way. Last night, Schaal and host Jon Stewart bantered about the rise in revealing, fill-in-the-blank costumes, from "sexy pirate" to "sexy defense attorney." "In these modern, liberated times, a woman is free to be a sexy whatever-the-hell-she-wants," Schaal deadpanned, highlighting a sexy pizza costume, Yes, you read that right. "Honestly, I don't know that pizza needs cleavage to make it sexy," Stewart said with an earnestness that made us love him even more.
All that banter was merely a prelude to Schaal introducing her own line of sexy Halloween getups. For men, she offers a sweater-and-khakis ensemble that looks pretty unassuming, but is actually a "sexy Hollywood producer who hires women over 40 for meaningful, age-appropriate roles" costume. That is pretty attractive, we guess. And, for the ladies? Schaal wanted to create a costume that gets straight to the point of a "sexy" getup, and, well — we'll let you check that one out for yourself, lest we risk spoiling the surprise. (Uproxx)
Watch the segment:

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