Kim Kardashian’s Ring Costs More Than A Couple Castles

kim-ringPhoto: via @kimkardashian.
It's official: Kim and Kanye are totally getting married. News of their engagement is cute — all the best and congrats, but can we talk about the ring? It's supposedly valued at a casual $3 million. Oh, and the whole proposal ceremony cost upwards of $9 million. Talk about going the lengths for the one you love.
Everyone knows that real love means spending more money on one polished rock than the boulders used to create a few castles. Sure, instead of dropping bricks of Benjamins on a diamond, West could have bought Kim a few French châteaus like this one or this. Heck, he could have gone off the deep end and purchased both to rotate between on the weekends! Instead, he dolled out millions to get down on one knee and pop the question. But, hey, to each his own, right?
The Lorraine Schwartz-designed rock is, according to Schwartz's rep, flawless. "It's a D-stone, the best diamond there is, type 2A. It's a perfect cushion-cut diamond." West wanted the diamond to look like it was floating on air; an endeavor that, despite how effortless it sounds, will set you way, way back — unless you're Kanye, of course. Kardashian is "marrying her best friend," which, if Marilyn Monroe was right, could be taken both ways: Kanye, the sparkling rock, or both. Either way, as Yeezus knows all-too well, diamonds are forever. Here's to hoping those three call-and-repeat lyrics of "Gold Digger" are just that — lyrics in a song. (L.A. Times)

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