Lena Waithe Is The TV Heroine We Want (& Need)

Next to the spectacular effects of The Walking Dead, the grand delusions of Mad Men, and the flashy antics of both the Kardashian and Duck dynasties, one of the most notable trends in this so-called golden age of television is the sheer normalcy of it all. It probably started in earnest with The Office, and since then, sitcoms and dramas glorifying the bland, flawed, and yet somehow still watch-able nature of everyday lives have flourished. Call it narcissism, entitlement, or just plain down-to-earth, but the reason these shows about regular folks draw such a loyal viewership is our need to see art imitate life as we know it.
It's that particular droll brand of realism that also attracts Lena Waithe. The 29-year-old writer was in Minnesota working on her current movie, Dear White People, when we spoke with her about another one of her buzzed-about projects. Twenties is a show Waithe has been pitching for a home on prime-time television (Watch the pilot here). Vaguely autobiographical and aiming to resonate with millions of young, intelligent, but perhaps directionless young women, it has all the makings of a hit. So, why isn't it on TV yet? Ahead, that's what we tried to get to the bottom of.

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