Can Smoking Weed Make You Thinner?

We're not picking sides (or seeds or stems) on the ongoing conversation about the legalization of marijuana use. We're just here to update you on the latest study from the American Journal of Medicine that reports smoking pot might actually make you skinnier. After testing the insulin levels of 4,657 adult men and women — 579 of them current marijuana users, the rest of them ex-users — the journal found that body mass metrics were actually lower in current users across the board. That's lower BMI, lower insulin resistance, lower insulin levels, and, yep, even smaller waistlines. Again, we are in no way suggesting smoking (anything of any kind), especially not because it might help you drop those pounds. But, these findings are interesting for anyone that's engaged in the great green-leaf debate. As for all the increased Seamless orders that are also a direct bi-product of smoking pot? Well, looks like you can feel free to munch on. (NY Mag)
emPhoto: Via NY Mag.

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