Miley Cyrus Is A Naked Cyborg In A New(d) Music Video

mileynude2Photo: Courtesy of Epic Records.

Miley, Miley, Miley, where are your clothes? We get that you're body confident and all of that, but sometimes it's a good thing to, you know, not romp around with nary a bra or bikini bottom in sight. You've already (rather unsafely) rocked the birthday suit on a construction site, stripped for
Rolling Stone
, and did some sort of magic thong trick with a leotard. The only logical next step would be to douse yourself in silvery glitter body paint and writhe around on an alien hospital bed, right? Right.

mileynude1Photo: Courtesy of Epic Records.
Well, thanks be to Future — no, not like the future future, but the rapper with a capital F — for providing the space to do so. Where else outside of The Fifth Element can one practice their space-age nudist tendencies but a music video from Future? Cyrus and the rapper teamed up for his single "Real & True," which, according to Future himself, is about those "days you wanna know if the love that you're with is really true." Or, in this music video's case, if your love is a real human being or a glittery cyborg. How Blade Runner of them. (Ocean Up)

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