Build Your Résumé On Your Phone—& Still Get The Job!

levo-leaguePhoto: Courtesy of Levo League.
One of the most memorable quotes we've heard about success is that it occurs when opportunity meets preparation (thank you, Oprah). But, let's face it, even the most prepared people may not always remember to keep a résumé on hand at every moment of every day. Or, a computer to draft one up. But, Levo League has set out to solve that problem. Launching today, the social site responsible for connecting employees with mentors and helping women on their path to professional success introduces the Levo League Résumé App. And, yes, it's just as convenient and awesome as it sounds.
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the free app is aimed to helping you create the best possible first impression when it truly matters. Enter your education, work experience, contact info — you know the drill, yes? — and Levo League will help you put it all together. Plus, with easy updating capabilities, you'll also be able to tweak to your heart's delight — or instantly add a mention of your conversational Mandarin skills should you find out business trips to China are part of the gig. Download the app today, and then get to landing that dream job.

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